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Perfect Portfolio

Wondering if it’s possible to earn a perfect score on edTPA? Apparently it is. The following portfolio in secondary English language arts (shared with permission of the author) earned scores of five across every rubric – all 15 – for a perfect score of 75 points (in Washington State there are three additional rubrics covering student reflection – and the portfolio author earned a score of five on each of these as well – for 90 out of 90 points).

The portfolio incorporates many of the strategies recommended in other PassedTPA training materials, such as 1) maximizing commentary page limits, 2) incorporating carefully authored lesson goals, 3) linking lesson objectives to academic language, 4) scripting lessons, and especially 5) deploying a pre- and postassessment model for analyzing student learning.

 Context for Learning Lesson Plans Assessments
Planning Commentary Instruction Commentary Assessment Commentary
Instructional Materials Evaluation Criteria Student 1 Work Sample
Student 2 Work Sample Student 3 Work Sample Student 1 Self-Reflections
Student 2 Self-Reflections Student 3 Self-Reflections