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For $300, SCALE or Pearson Inc. Should Provide Some Feedback

Pearson Inc. will charge student teachers $300 to score their edTPA portfolio. According to the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education website, this is a “fair” price.

It could be argued that the price is fair since Pearson has to pay for scoring, training, and information technology used for collecting and storing portfolio elements. Pearson is also paying SCALE Stanford, since this group owns edTPA.

Nevertheless, student teachers don’t receive much for their money, only 15 numerical scores. There is no feedback. Suggestions for improvement, or justification for marks are absent, and most educators agree that these are basic elements to fair and effective assessment.

Pearson Inc. does give users an opportunity to request feedback, presumably from university personnel. Presenting this option is deferring responsibility. For $300, Pearson Inc. should be providing some information about why particular scores were assigned. Plus, university personnel are not allowed to make substantive suggestions for improvement, and even if they did, the portfolio has been submitted.

Since being fair is important, student teachers should request feedback. They should request it from the owner of edTPA, SCALE Stanford, or from Pearson Inc.